MnM + the cutest reunification ever

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tags:   #team mnm

"I think Maks has rubbed off a little bit on Danica.  I think she’s turned into a…"

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Ponytail!Val Appreciation Post

tie your napkin round your neck, cherie, and we’ll provide the rest

Julianne telling me that I looked like I phoned this week in is so absurd. [x]

Messing around @ Olympic Gala rehearsal (2014)

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Maks at stars on ice tonight
Via randisayshi on instagram

I think it could have been so much more carefree and fun if it wasn’t necessarily pitched like saying that Maks’ heart wasn’t in it. - Sharna Burgess


Meryl and Val - brother and sister-in-law adorable meeting

Maks has never braided my hair